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产品名称: UV fabric 
产品编号: TTK-TZ-1010 
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Wujiang Tutaike Textile& Finishing CO., LTD
In order to reduce the impact of sunlight on the human body, but also to meet people's skin care requirements, Tektronix developed UV coated fabric, which can effectively resist against ultraviolet radiation on the human body. At present, domestic and international standards of performance textiles are normally used for UV UPF value, that is, UV protection factor values to be assessed. UPF value is not protective of UV on the skin of the ratio of the average radiation, UPF value is greater, indicating that the better UV performance. Forthcoming national standards: only when the UPF> 30, when, and UVA transmittance is less than 5%, can be called anti-UV products, protection class identified as UPF30 +; and when the UPF> 50, then that the product excellent performance of UV protection, protection class identified as UPF50 +.
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