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Wujiang Tutaike Textile& Finishing CO., LTD. is located in Shengze town which known as "the silkcapital", with the convenient transportation We are an enterprise passed through the ISO9001:2000 quality managentment system certificated by the SGS ,with self-management import and export power.Our company has also got through the OEKO—TEX SEANDARD100 and EN71-3 ROSH.Our company is a textile production enterprise whch combines the sales and the various fabric after-treatmetns together.Our branches contain yarn dyed weaving factory,coating factory,lamination factory, calendering technology imported from Taiwan city, Transfer coating and optimus roller coating printing factory,we have reached the production one-stop service.

Greige fabric weaving factory:With 128 sets of four spray staubli hydraulic looms ,with allocation of complete sets of times twist, serious, sizing, and shaft equipment.Mainly weave the yarn dyed fabrics,jacquard fabric,polyester/nylon fabric and so on.We offer the yarn dyed fabric,yarn dyed ripstop fabric,polyester pongee,oxford fabric,memory and imitation fabric.

After treatment coating factory: factory one and factory two have eleven production lines for the dry coating,wet coating and the transfer coating,they are all controlled by the computer technology impoted from Taiwan.Three of the production line are the highest configuration of constant rise,which has the excellent alility can control the weft-inclined and weft bend. With more than 20 sets of calendering machines,suck wool machine,bead cutter machines and esaming machines.The factory are mainly departed into two parts: the dry coating departments and the wet coating departments.

Dry coating department:with tranparent,white,colourful coating apperance and so on.Amti water pressure: 1000-20000MM,breathability: 1000-8000g/㎡.24h Water proof: 5 class(100 points). PU series skin membrane type coating, PU series uv coating, PU series antiskid coating. Silicone rubber parachutes, automotive safety steam bag paragliders, coating etc.cooperated with the international first-class post-processing fertilizer production enterprise: DUPONT , CLARIANT, 3M, TANREX, Leonard (Rio HUNTSMAN (scip), nano - the enterprise fuchshuber techno-tex, deco nano (TEXCOTE) cooperation, professional processing Teflon coating, deco nano, nano - extension, Louisiana nanoscale three proofing, enterprise fuchshuber techno-tex of easy decontamination, moisture absorption and sweat hygroscopic fast drying, antibacterial anti mite, antibacterial mouldproof, far-infrared, anti-ultraviolet radiation and insect-resistant midge, silver ions antibacterial, burns function, cool feeling function, pure and fresh and fragrant arrange, vitamin A skin function arrangement, collagen skincare collection etc,

Wet coating department: Professional producing the microporous moisture permeability fabric(Called the breathable fabric).It is welcomed by the customers because of it is light and strong,breathable,no strange small and very easy to take care,widely used for various functional garments.

Limination factory: our company has impoted 5 sets of limination production lines from Taiwan,mainly composite compound five kinds of TPU, PVC highlighted membrane, PVA, PTFE membrane, PUR layer, layer and a half, three floors, five layers, used for outdoor sports clothes,skying clothes and climing mountains chothes and so on.

Transfer coating and optimus roller coating printing factory: they are our latest project, in the leading position in domestic at the same products area .All the machinery equipments are imported from Taiwan, and special imported skin membrane pressure light machine, for a living output first-class quality laid solid foundation, the main production transfer coating fabric, optimus roller coating printing fabrics, feeling temperature coating fabric, etc.

Laboratory: We employed textile testing exporters to responsible for the testing of fabric physical properties.  We have the testing equipments of Tensile and tear strength machineTextile composition analyzerAcid and alkaline tester Static water column machine Moisture vapor permeability testing machineWater repellent and equipments for color fastness testing.  We also have textile structure enlargement equipment and automatic strike off machine in our yarn dye weaving factory.
Our prosucts can pass through various certification from different customers:
BVREAV, VERITAS: SGS, such as amplifier, TUV, international authoritative inspection institutions and adapt to the inspection standard as follows:
Green: through OEKO - SEANDARD 100 EN71-3 enterprise fuchshuber techno-tex ROHS
Hydrostatic pressure: ISO811, AATCC127, ASTM, DIN
ASTME96 permeability sets: 2000 IS L1099 A - 1
Flame retardancy: BS5852, EN470-1, EN531, CPAI - 84, AATCC - 33, ISO8191
Fluorescence reflection: EN471
EN343 detection: labor
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